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New technologies are developing faster than our ability to learn and adapt them for our benefit. This constant barrage of apps and new social platforms has created so many potential options its become easier to just ignore the noise and focus on the tried and true methods for delivering health care.

Portable ultrasound, laser therapy, and lab machines all have trained sales professionals walking into your practice to explain and demonstrate the benefits and features of their new technology. This tech has been “applied” to our industry for us. How do you find, evaluate and apply new technology to your hospital? What if you had your own Rocket Scientist to do this for you? You’re in luck!

Some career highlights include designing motorcycles for Buell Motorcycle Company, building custom computers, writing HTML code for websites, earning a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering, remodeling a bank into a companion animal hospital in 3D design software, creating the architectural blueprints, then building that hospital (with some help), and running it for over 7 years with my wife, Dr. Diane Schaller. One important note: she dislikes computers, a lot.

My wife appreciates the value of new technology. She is also wary of tech that doesn’t improve the practice of medicine. With her as my primary customer, I have developed the ability to research like a Rocket Scientist, apply technology as a Practice Manager, and educate doctors and staff like peers.

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