Veterinary Products Developed In Our Hospital

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Heater Holder

Veterinary patient warming cage door adaptor for Bair Hugger type forced air warming units.
Pass heat through the cage door into the warming blanket in under a minute.
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Dental X-ray Bisecting Angle Finder works
Dental Bisecting Angle Finder
– Truly Groundbreaking –
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Non Rebreather Support Kit on dental grate
Holds Modified Jackson-Rees rebreather circuit onto your dental table!
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Dachshund and Hedgehog blood tube holders
Holds 12 blood collection tubes or some pens!

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Cage card holder on cage door.
Easily installs on cage doors with a 1/4 turn twisting motion.
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Endo trachial cuff syringe deflator holder.
Holds primary and backup syringes to deflate the endotracheal cuff.
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Custom hose caddy attached to Dentalaire machine.
Keep those expensive hoses off the floor!

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Anesorb Cannister Mount for Anesthesia Machine
Anesorb cannister mounts on all 2″ diameter machine posts.
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