Rocket Science meets Veterinary Science


Dr. Diane Schaller opened Willow Creek Animal Hospital with her husband Bret in 2008.  Dr. Schaller had many years of emergency medicine and surgery experience.  Bret had no medical experience of any kind.  Dr. Schaller didn’t care for computers and even disliked typing.  Bret had been using computers for engineering and product design since the ’80’s.  He couldn’t imagine any business without them.  Dr. Schaller was concerned that launching a new hospital for the first time might not be the best time to fully incorporate computers into her practice of medicine.

Fast forward seven years and Willow Creek Animal Hospital has been successfully paperless since day one.  As an added bonus, Bret’s manufacturing experience helped to create a ‘clipboardless’ inventory system.  Not knowing what a lure lock or T-set was, tracking inventory with item codes and usage requirements was the only way to go.  Everything is setup in the practice management system.  PO’s are automatically generated based on usage and emailed to suppliers.  They hold just under 5% of gross in on hand inventory.

More recently, Bret has started designing products specifically for animal hospitals.  These new designs are prototyped, tested by Dr. Schaller and her nursing staff, and revised until they are ready to share with other hospitals.  All of these products offered have received her stamp of approval.  Take a look around and leave comments or questions.  Thank you!