Non Rebreather Support Kit

Kit in place on dental table grate with re-breather and oxygen hoses captured
Kit inserted into dental table grate.
Re-Breather Support Kit installed with focus on the Anes bag tray.a
Breather bag tray

Running anesthesia on feline dentals is always a little stressful.  The monitoring and heating equipment work great.  The re-breather kit is the concern.  Working your way through the dental, small adjustments to align the patient’s mouth all add risk to the inflated endotracheal tube.  Attempts to keep the re-breather kit on the dental table often end with the breather bag in the dental sink, folded back on itself!  Worse than that, having the whole re-breather assembly slide off the table and catch itself on the endo tube is unacceptable!

As animal health care professionals we all know the re-breather system is best for the cat but the worst risk to tracheal damage.  This risk can now be significantly reduced.  Please take just a minute to watch this video showing the installation.


Image showing re-breather kit with bag support tray and rotation grid mount
Re-Breather Support Kit on VSSI table.

Please specify which brand of dental table you have when ordering. Thank you!

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